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The thoughts and musings of Acushla 712...

Cynde L. Hammond
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I'm a married, Christian, mother of two boys, ages 21 and 17. My husband is the most romantic, loving, supportive, fantastic husband in the world--he's what dreams are made of! I'm a writer of children's books; I'm currently taking a course at the Institute of Children's Literature to help me hone my skills so that my work in progress, which is my debut novel, will be a HUGE success! I have a twin sister (she looks just like me!), another sister, and...another set of TWIN sisters. (Uh-huh...you read it right!) Now the down side. I'm disabled. I have what's known as RSD/CRPS which is just a Chronic Pain Disorder of the nerves and it happens to affect my hands and arms, making it difficult to write or use the computer (and most anything that involves your hand/arms--which is everything, when you think about it) which is what I do--BIG BUMMER! But I get by. Really I do. I have the Lord, my wonderful husband and kids, a good attitude, and a new laptop, so the rest is just gravy. So just remember my name...because someday you're going to see that book in print by me, and it's going to be a SMASH HIT! People are going to be writing amazing reviews and everyone will be scrambling to buy their own copy of it! You just wait and see!
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Here's my sweet new horse, "Wind Dancer," that I just adopted. You can brush him and give him apples anytime you want to (just click on the "more" button and play around with it--you'll figure it out.) Visit him whenever you like so that he doesn't get too lonely. He's very nice and his disposition is very agreeable (just like mine-hahahaha!)

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